Let us help make the process easier.

Q. How does the design process work for my remodel? I have a lot of ideas.
A. Great! We collaborate with our clients to consider their wants and needs for the new space or remodel. When working with Northern Exposure Remodelers, we will help guide you through the construction process, from concept to design through construction.  This will all be done within your budget.

Q. How do you ensure my budget is adhered to?

A. For most people trying to manage their remodel or new construction project themselves, a budget is a figment of their imagination. Unforeseen labor/material costs and mistakes can quickly blow a budget. When you hire Northern Exposure, you are hiring professionals who have the experience to properly bid out each aspect of your project with several options to ensure you are getting the best value and your approved budget is strictly adhered to.

Q. I’m nervous about adding to my home when the housing market is so bad!
A. It’s difficult to predict the market and impossible to know exactly what will happen. However, history has shown that the housing market has always been a roller coaster.

Q. What things should I consider when hiring a company to help with repair my storm damage.
A. First and foremost, is the company a local company or just an out of state "storm chaser" trying to make a quick buck?  Secondly, do they have experience in dealing with insurance companies and adjusters?  Finally what kinds of products do they offer and do they stand behind their work?

Q. How do I know if my home has moisture damage?
A. Indicators of moisture damage are: 1) stained stucco, 2) discolored interior trim, 3) small cracking on stucco especially at window corners and deck ledger boards. A full moisture assessment can be performed by several local companies for roughly $350. (This test is never done by a moisture repair company like Northern Exposure.)This involves a non intrusive “probe” test which will document the moisture readings in your walls. After you receive your moisture report, we can sit down and help you come up with a plan for your moisture repair.